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Creation of a site of the salon Maxi Lash

Maxi Lash boutique

The tasks assigned to specialists

The main tasks were to develop an online store that sells eyelashes and other products for working with eyelashes, to introduce a feedback form and a basket of goods. It was necessary to structure the information in such a way that the user could learn more about the company's activities, study a wide range of goods, enroll in courses and receive the latest news.

The solutions that brought results

We had to develop a vertical menu consisting of categories and subcategories (if available) of the catalog of goods, except for the Main Page. When clicking on the logo the user of the website should be sent to the main page from any page. The functionality and appearance of the header are the same on all pages of the website. Studio Webmaster Specialists have developed an adaptive design making it available for mobile devices.

We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our case study on the development of a women's website.

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