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Creation Landing Page for marketing training with Alexander Levitas


Training with Alexander Levitas in Chisinau

Training with the No. 1 expert on Partisan Marketing, Alexander Levitas. One of the best business coaches in Russia, Alexander is among the top ten most popular and reputable advisers and business trainers in the CIS countries. Trainings with this speaker are always interesting for those who are interested in profit growth.



Main goals

The main task set before our experts was to create a one-page website with adaptive design. The website header should consist of the Landing Menu, KMB logo and the "call back" button. It was necessary to introduce a registration form at the beginning and at the end of the landing page. All the necessary information should be divided in units indicated by the customer.

Effective solutions

A one-page website with adaptive design was delivered on time. We introduced a fixed website header with a logo and a "call back" button, registration forms and blocks with the necessary information. Structured content allows the user to get acquainted with the speaker, and with the training program and get registered in no time. We pursued these goals to create a quality landing.

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