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Creation of website for Kreytz


Designer Kristina Ishik Website

KREYTZ develops various models of clothes for women who choose quality handmade goods, seek for new fresh ideas in the fashion world. The office of the fashion designer, graduate of the technical university of Moldova, Christina Ishik, is in Ankara. KREYTZ is always open for creative cooperation and new projects.




The tasks that were set

The main tasks that had to be accomplished were the introduction of a website header with a menu, a slide of quality photos on the main page, and feedback forms. Information about the collections should be formed conveniently and divided into categories. We had to introduce a blog and add interesting information about the psychology of fashion. Those were the tasks that had to be solved.

Final result

Studio Webmaster professional team, thanks to its individual approach, has developed a website that meets all requirements and wishes of the client. The catalog of fashionable collections is divided into categories, which makes it easier for users to search for the right products. Website header, blog and feedback forms are successfully implemented as tools. In the end the client received a website convenient for users with all the necessary functions.

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