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Business Center IPTEH - modern retail space for rent

IPTEH Business Center located in the center of Chisinau offers office, conference and retail space rental services. For more comfortable work the building is equipped with modern equipment, elevators, ventilation systems, fire alarms, air conditioning, autonomous heating and security camera footage. The IPTEH Business Center has an upgraded building and an innovative, stylish design.



The tasks

The task was to develop a website with an adaptive design. It was necessary to introduce a website header with a menu, a social network button and a language bar. All the information should be presented in the following sections: "about the company", "about the joint-stock company", "news", "contacts", "rent", "equipment", "floors" and "conference room". It was important to introduce a feedback form, provide the website with the "contact us" buttons.

Effective solutions

Our specialists have done a great work creating a website and developing an adaptive design. We introduced a menu according to the requirements and wishes of the customer. On the main page we added a slide with high-quality photos and a block of information with the advantages of the IPTEH Business Center. Forms of feedback and buttons of social networks (facebook) were successfully introduced as well. At the output, the customer received a high-quality web product, attractive for Internet users.

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