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Creation of website for Ideea Credit by order


Micro financial Organization in Moldova

OM "IDEEA CREDIT" SRL helps solving urgent financial problems in an open and accessible form in no time. The credit organization offers services for microfinance, providing loans without collateral, on bail and car Lombard service. Each application is considered within 30 minutes, which is convenient for most users.


Ideea Credit



Our specialists were tasked to create an adaptive website design. The website header should be fixed, with a logo, contact details and menu. The main page must consist of three organization services. When clicking on the logo, the user should be sent to the main page. One of the important tasks was to introduce an online calculator and a completing form for an online application.


Our specialists have implemented a fixed site header with a logo, the menu and contact information, an application form and an online calculator. The main page shows the main services, credit stages and a slide with partners. On the contact page we implemented a feedback form and a map. Simple navigation and a structured menu of the website allow visitors to easily find the information they need and leave a request.

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