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The development of the application Hyundai Testing


Hyundai Testing – application at the request of Hyundai Moldova

This android application is a multifunctional resource, with its help the clients can evaluate the quality of services from the centers of service Hyundai, and they can give feedback (opinion, wish) regarding the service. For the owners of the company, this is an excellent occasion to see the rapport concerning the satisfaction of the clients regarding the activity of the service centers of different distributors.

Filling out the feedback form of the Hyundai Testing app
Usability of the Hyundai Testing mobile app
Order form for the Hyundai Testing app
The implementation of the mobile application for Hyundai Moldova

The established tasks from the client

It was necessary to create a multilingual application (implicitly in English) with three levels of access for administrative part: Super Admin, Distributor, Dealer. Design – simple and minimalist, in order to not distract the attention from the main task. It was necessary a detailed analysis of parts: of the client and the administrative one, the installation of a graphic scale of client's satisfaction regarding the provided service and of a module of ,,rotation''. The application needs to function in the operating system Android.

The solution from the company Studio Webmaster

Our experts have developed a functional application with a design, colors and styles corresponding to the main site of the company. The navigation is simple and accessible, even for a user without experience in the mobile applications. Hyundai testing looks good on all the devices with Android operating systems and screen resolution from 320*480 pix. The structure of user's part and administrative part are finished completely and in accordance with the established technical task.

Hyundai Testing mobile app of the official Hyundai company from Studio Webmaster
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