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Creating the Hyundai Moldova mobile app for IOS
Product catalog applications Hyundai Moldova
Product information in the Hyundai Moldova mobile app

The established tasks and implemented solutions

Assigned tasks

It was necessary to develop an IOS application with a common concept with the main site: design, colors, styling, fonts. The main tasks – multifunctionality, a great number of built-in modules and the establishment of work in the systems of operation Android and iOS. It is necessary that the creation of the application to include the possibility to send push-notifications to its users.

Solutions from the company Studio Webmaster

Our team of specialists have developed the application Hyundai, with an appealing exterior and an intuitive clear interface. From the main page you can reach with easiness the desired section, thanks to the thoughtful structure of the application, graphic icons with directions.The application has a good animation when there is a transition from one page to another, and all the modules specified in the terms of reference are incorporated. The mobile version Hyundai works with success with different versions of operating systems Android and iOS. During the project, there were implemented the following technologies: GPS, ISON, Google Cloud Messaging.

Functionality of the Hyundai mobile app
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