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Creation of site for car rent GoodRent


GoodRent — services of car rent in Moldova

Company GoodRent provides services regarding car rent in Moldova. The company provides short-term and long-term car rental services at affordable prices. GoodRent provides a large specter of cars for transportation of passengers and travel. Technical and functional characteristics, the appearance of cars is constantly monitored, and therefore are in excellent condition.


Established tasks

The main tasks were to create an informative site with adaptable design, implementation of rental and car search booking forms. It was necessary to add the buttons of registration and authorization, site's map, internal search. By clicking on the logo, the user can go to the main page from any other page. The car catalog had to be divided into categories by class, to introduce a service category with detailed pages for each service.

Solution from specialists

The specialists have developed a site with adaptable design. In result the client received a web resource that is in accordance with his requirements. Car's catalog is divided into categories according to class, from which the user can reserve a car in accordance with a suitable brand. There were added successfully forms of registration and rental booking, site's map and internal search. The client received a qualitative, informative and convenient resource.

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