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Creating a site for the company Flexlabel


FLEXLABEL is a label and packaging company

The company FLEXLABEL specializes in label and packaging development for industrial goods of various types. Labels are produced for the products of the food industry, household chemicals, pharmaceutical products, perfumes and cosmetics. Also the company offers printing on roll material, personalized labels and stickers. In addition, FLEXLABEL provides a wide range of materials necessary for labeling.



The tasks

It was necessary to develop a website with an adaptive design, to introduce a website header with a menu, logo and contact data, a "feedback" button and social network buttons. "Label" and "for sale" sections had to be presented with a drop-down list. On the main page it was necessary to implement a slide with logos of companies that were or still are customers of FLEXLABEL. In the "basement" of the site we had to implement navigation, a list of partners and contact information.

Solutions that brought the result

A website header with a logo and contact information, a social network button (for facebook) and "feedback" were implemented. The "label" and "for sale" sections were created with a drop-down menu. We added navigation, a slide with the logos of the client companies and a list of partners in the bottom of the site. On any page, when clicking on the logo, the user is sent to the main page. Studio Webmaster Specialists has developed a website with an adaptive design, according to all the wishes of the customer.

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