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Creating a site for the company Flexlabel


The tasks

It was necessary to develop a website with an adaptive design, to introduce a website header with a menu, logo and contact data, a "feedback" button and social network buttons. "Label" and "for sale" sections had to be presented with a drop-down list. On the main page it was necessary to implement a slide with logos of companies that were or still are customers of FLEXLABEL. In the "basement" of the site we had to implement navigation, a list of partners and contact information.

Solutions that brought the result

A website header with a logo and contact information, a social network button (for facebook) and "feedback" were implemented. The "label" and "for sale" sections were created with a drop-down menu. We added navigation, a slide with the logos of the client companies and a list of partners in the bottom of the site. On any page, when clicking on the logo, the user is sent to the main page. Studio Webmaster Specialists has developed a website with an adaptive design, according to all the wishes of the customer.

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