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Creation of a site of the Equipment and technology center by Studio Webmaster


ABN-Echipamente - equipment and technology centre

The company produces and sells woodworking equipment, various types of machines, equipment for furniture production, tools, paint and varnish materials. Also, ABN-Echipamente equipment and technology center also provides services for sharpening band saws, circular saws, knives and mills. You can find contacts, useful information about the company, and explore the catalog of goods and services direct on the website.


Equipment and technology center


The main challenges were to develop a web resource and create a website design. Also we had to separate the information into 4 categories, pass to the main page when clicking on the logo, and introduce the site header with contact details. The categories of goods and services had to be divided into subcategories in order to simplify the search for the necessary equipment.


As a result, the customer received a quality product that represents his company on the Internet. What solutions made the web resource convenient and informative for users? The presence of useful information on the website, the subcategories of goods and services, quality photographs, the side menu in the sections "goods" and "services". So all the tasks were successfully done by Studio Webmaster specialists.

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