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Website development Efes Moldova from Studio Webmaster

  • Company: Efes Moldova
  • Website: Efesmoldova.md
  • Service: Creation site
Efes Moldova

Tasks to solve

Studio Webmaster specialists were tasked to develop a website and create an attractive design. Two sections in the menu "about us" and "sustainable development" should be presented in a drop-down list. It was necessary to implement an internal site search, social networking buttons and a Google map. On the “career” page it was important to add a feedback form with the ability to attach a CV. On the "brands" page a slide with manufactured products should be implemented as well.

Efficient solutions

All wishes and requirements of the customer were taken into account. The site menu was divided into 9 sections, two of which "about us" and "sustainable development" are represented by a drop-down menu of subsections. An internal website search, social networking buttons and a Google map have been implemented. On the "career" page, any user can fill out a feedback form and attach a CV. The "Brands" page is represented by a product range in the form of a slide, when clicking on it with a pop-up window with a description.

Also, we have prepared for you a case for creating an online alcohol store.

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