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Website development Efes Moldova from Studio Webmaster


Efes Moldova - the largest beer producer in Moldova

EFES VITANTA MOLDOVA BREWERY S.A. is the heir of the first brewery based in Moldova in the 19 century. Efes Moldova is part of the Efes Beverage Group, the largest beer producer in the Republic, controlling more than 72% of the beer market and 54% of non-alcoholic beverages. The company imports and provides beer of international brands like Miller, Pilsner, Grolsch, Kozel, Bavaria for sale in the Moldovan market.


Efes Moldova

Tasks to solve

Studio Webmaster specialists were tasked to develop a website and create an attractive design. Two sections in the menu "about us" and "sustainable development" should be presented in a drop-down list. It was necessary to implement an internal site search, social networking buttons and a Google map. On the “career” page it was important to add a feedback form with the ability to attach a CV. On the "brands" page a slide with manufactured products should be implemented as well.

Efficient solutions

All wishes and requirements of the customer were taken into account. The site menu was divided into 9 sections, two of which "about us" and "sustainable development" are represented by a drop-down menu of subsections. An internal website search, social networking buttons and a Google map have been implemented. On the "career" page, any user can fill out a feedback form and attach a CV. The "Brands" page is represented by a product range in the form of a slide, when clicking on it with a pop-up window with a description.

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