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Site creation for Cuptorul fermecat

  • Company: Cuptorul fermecat
  • Website: Cuptorul.md/ru/
  • Service: Creation site
Cuptorul fermecat

The tasks set

The customer set the task of making the website user-friendly by developing an adaptive design. We had to divide the information into 5 sections, to expand the catalog of goods with photos and characteristics. When clicking on the logo the user should be sent to the main page. It was also necessary to introduce a feedback form to maintain constant communication with visitors.

Efficient solutions from our specialists

Adaptive design was developed; the web site was correctly displayed on various devices, dynamically adjusting to the given sizes of the open browser window. Sections of the website contain relevant and interesting information: a list of shops, partners, various recipes and news. As a result the client received an attractive site that is interesting and useful for visitors, and is available on various devices.

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