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Creation of landing for bank Eximbank


Landing Eximbank — profitable credit offers from bank

Commercial bank “Eximbank” A.O. is a universal commercial bank that provides qualitative services for corporate segment, which means for companies that work in different fields of national economy throughout Moldova, and also for retail segment. Today, the bank provides a traditional banking package (settlement and cash services, lending, accepting and servicing deposits, international settlements, operations with securities), but also high-tech banking services and products, which include operations with bank cards (MasterCard and Visa) and products on the basis of online technologies (online banking, “EXIMBANK ONLINE”, online access to card account).


Established tasks

The specialists had the task to develop a landing page for Eximbank. The site's appealing design needed to combine with relevant information about consumer credit, obtaining credit card Gold and refinancing conditions, online calculator and corresponding form for completion. Also, it was necessary to add buttons “apply for a loan”, “receive an individual offer”, “create a schedule”, “complete the application” and “find more”, contact information, information “about us” and Google Map.

Realized solutions

The specialists from Studio Webmaster have created an adaptive design for a landing page. It was introduced an online calculator, so each user can calculate individually the monthly payment and see payment schedule. For refinancing was created a separate form for completion. There were added: “apply for a loan”, “receive individual offer”, “create a schedule”, “complete the application” and “find more”. All of these made the site crediteconsum.eximbank.com a convenient and effective resource for users.

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