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Creation site of the Corporate Mafia


Landing for the corporate Mafia

The Mafia game is a psycho-intellectual team game with a detective storyline, which is great for both children's parties and corporate events. Mafia allows you to feel relaxed and socialize in an exciting environment. Leading of Mafia.md will always support and help you get comfortable. If you need to hold a company party, you certainly should order a corporate mafia at Mafia.md.


Corporate Mafia

Goals and objectives of the project

It was necessary to develop an adaptive landing page design, to think over its structure in order to achieve attractiveness, efficiency and informativeness. The task was to introduce a blog and a block with the corporate events. Website development should be accompanied by the introduction of a pop-up menu in the header of the website for a more convenient and easy search for information. "Order a corporate event" button and the forms for sending the application were the tasks that should be implemented as well.

Following decisions

Landing page with adaptive design was developed according to all requirements and wishes of the customer. Our specialists have implemented a website header with a pop-up menu. Structured content allows users to get acquainted with the rules of the game, the benefits of a corporate mafia, prices and events. The introduction of the blog was also one of the main tasks that was successfully solved.

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