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Product catalog of the Comfi mobile app
Usability of the Comfi mobile app from Studio Webmaster
Product information in the Comfi app

Implementation of a mobile application for an online store

What tasks were set?

Our task was to develop a convenient mobile application that allows you to make purchases directly from your mobile phone. Considering that Comfi.md is a fairly large resource, it was important to ensure the easiest possible interaction of visitors with the information presented. The task of the structure of the application and its design is to facilitate the search for the desired product / service and, on an intuitive level, to push to perform the target action (purchase).

Solutions from Studio Webmaster specialists

We have developed a mobile ios application for an online store with a clear structure, attractive design and color scheme that fully matches the desktop version. The interface turned out to be convenient and understandable even for inexperienced users. Technologies that we used when developing Comfi: GPS, ISON, AFNetworking. Testing has shown that the application can easily withstand even high loads and work stably on mobile devices with Android and IOS operating systems.

Mobile app for Comfi online store
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