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Creation of a site of the Body Boom Gym

Body Boom Gym

The tasks assigned to specialists

On the main page it was necessary to add a slide with photos and text, blocks with services and a list of partners. The "fitness club" section should be presented in the menu with a drop-down list from "our team" and "class schedule". The services should be represented by a list with text information and small round images with the possibility of switching to a detailed page. In the bottom of the website it was necessary to introduce the subscription forms and the social networks button.

Effective solutions

Studio Webmaster Specialists developed an adaptive website design, introduced a site header with a logo, a menu and internal search. Staying on any other page the user moves to the main page when clicking on the logo. The "about the fitness club" section was put in the tasks, and divided into "our team" and "schedule of classes". The list of services is represented by text content with round images. When clicked on them the user navigates to the detailed service page.

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