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Creation of a site of the company Bimbo

BIMBO – an online store of branded goods for children

It is the most convenient website for necessary children and moms goods selection. The website contains new comings and sales hits. The catalog by brands and the catalog by categories are sections that simplify the search and make it more comfortable and easy. The assortment of the online store includes soft toys, game sets, playpens, strollers, car seats, products for feeding and much more. Information about delivery and payment methods is available for any user.



Goals, objectives and solutions

The main purpose of creating an online store was to meet the needs of the customer. It was necessary to create a convenient web site with a simple structure so that mothers could quickly order the necessary goods for children. All the tools of the online store were introduced, feedback and registration forms were added, and a forum was implemented. In addition to the main sections the website menu contains sections with new products and sales hits. At the exit, the customer received an attractive website with a convenient structure.

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