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Filling in information about yourself in the Amores Paraiso Dating app from Studio Webmaster
Usability of the mobile Dating app Amores Paraiso developed by Studio Webmaster
Correspondence in the online Dating app Paraiso

Implementation from the specialists

The tasks that were necessary to do

It was necessary to create an application in English with a graphic, unique and shiny design, with the interface user friendly for easy surfing in the application. The product needs to be resistant to a large quantity of visitors and to guarantee stable work. Basic condition – simple and informative registration, and also the module for online communication between users.

The solution proposed by Studio Webmaster

Our team of professionals have created an unique and functional application for an easy getting to know and online communication. For that, we creatively approached the design of the interface, in particular, we have used the red color (color of love), and also we have made all the modules, which were indicated in the technical task. The users can easily register in the application with the help of a comfortable form and they can quickly go to the necessary department from the main page. The navigation is clear and accessible. In the process of work we have used the technologies like: JSON, AFNetworking.

If you are interested in this topic, review our case about the development of a dating site.

The functionality of the developed mobile application Amores Paraiso
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