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Creation of a site of the company Moldova Agroindbank

Turbo Leasing from Moldova Agroindbank

Moldova Agroindbank was established when Agroprombank USSR was reorganized. It received a license on conducting banking operations including foreign currency back in 1991. From the very beginning of its activity this representative of Moldovan banking system has established itself as a reliable partner for individuals and legal entities. Today the Bank is the leader in terms of assets, loans and deposits for individuals.



Main goals

Our specialists were tasked to develop a landing page for MAIB Leasing. The attractive design of the website had to be combined with up-to-date information, an online calculator and a list of advantages. It was also necessary to add "online application", "details" and "about the company" buttons, contact details and telephone hotline.

Effective solutions

Studio Webmaster Specialists have done a great work on creating an adaptive website design, so that it would be available for PC users and mobile devices. An online calculator was introduced so that each user could independently calculate the monthly payment. We added "online application", "details" and "about the company" buttons, and made turbo.leasing.md website a convenient and efficient resource for users.

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