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Creation of a site of the company Accent Groupby Studio Webmaster


Accent Group - "Focus on efficiency"

Accent Group is a company that provides solutions in the IT field, telecommunications, energy and construction. One of the founders and shareholders of the second largest mobile communication operator in Moldova is Moldcell. Having won the IT and telecommunications market, the company decided to expand and discovered a new sphere of investment projects. The partners of the company are such known large brands as: FujikuraEurope, Canon, HP, Samsung, Acer, Huawei, IBM, Asus, Sony and etc.


Accent Group

Challenges that needed solutions

The main tasks were: creating an attractive design and developing a convenient and informative website. It was necessary to divide the information on the resource into 4 categories. It was necessary to introduce subcategories in each. Internal search, social networking button – those were the challenges that was necessary to perform. The color scheme of the site was defined as white-blue.

Solutions that gave results

Internal search, a button of social networks were solutions that facilitate usability and build a positive image of the company. Each category was divided into subcategories. The page "about us" was also divided into subcategories to provide information on the company's structure, overseas offices, local companies and its profile. As a result the customer received a convenient and informative website for visitors.

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