Programming after iOS: what types of applications can you do?

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iOS programming is done using the integrated SDK platform. Apple even provided a special program Xcode for these purposes, which comes with OS X system. But, if you want that your program to be available anywhere in the world with Wi-Fi, in must be placed in the AppStore.

Programming on IOS

What applications can be created for ios

Native applications. Such an application is located and stored locally on the ios device, which can be accessed by clicking on the application icon. Their installation takes place through the official Apple Store.

IOS applications of this kind are programed for a specific platform, using a huge number of ios device capabilities (gestures, accelerometer, contacts, camera, etc.).


  • High speed and performance

  • Large-scale interface

  • High degree of protection

  • Great functionality

  • Possibility to work off line

  • User friendliness


  • Works only on a specific platform

  • Difficulty in development

  • High cost of programming ios applications

Web-application. In general, programming an application of this kind is not a full-fledged application, as it is a website that is optimized for mobile devices of any operating system. Such applications are called cross-platform and are capable of functioning independently of the device platform.

Pros of ios web application programming:

  • Full and comprehensive coverage of plarforms

  • Fast development process (regarding ios application programming native type)

  • No download required from app store

Cons of ios web application programming:

  • Internet connection required

  • Limited application interface

  • Performance and speed are inferior to native ones

  • The level of security is insufficient

Hybrid application. These are programs that combine native and web applications. They are downloaded and installed using the App Store. Programming ios applications of the hybrid type is one of the most popular as it takes advantage of the technological relevance of the native type.

Pros of ios hybrid application programming:

  • Average cost for creation

  • Cross-platform

  • Possibility of online updating

Cons of ios hybrid application programming:

  • Internet access required

  • Work speed is lower in comparison with native

  • Minimalism of visual effects

Как программировать под iOS?

Programming IOS apps

In order to program for ios and in general, a lot of knowledge is required. Existing modern technologies have saved the programmer in most cases from a detailed understanding of the architecture of a computer, but it is necessary to know the basic mechanisms (number systems, the efficiency of algorithms, the speed of work of subroutines). If you do not have programming skills, then it is better to entrust this task to professionals, especially if you need to connect monetization to a mobile application.

The programmers with experience and web-designers will take into account your needs and will do such steps in the process of development:

  • Analytics and problem setting

  • Drawing up technical specifications

  • Design development

  • Programming

  • Testing

  • Placement of the finished software program in the AppStore

Do you have some more questions? Call the specialists from Studio Webmaster and get a free qualified consultation as regards programming ios applications. We have been developing mobile solutions for Apple products since 2008.

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