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Development of virtual reality VR applications in Moldova

Do you want to demonstrate your originality and immerse your client in your world? Contact Studio Webmaster. Our experienced professionals are able to bring your ideas to life in virtual reality. When creating a unique product - virtual reality applications, all your requirements will certainly be taken into account.

The process of developing and creating TR, provides a number of aspects that are determined at the initial stage of cooperation:

  • project description and plot;
  • custom game scenario;
  • description of game mechanics;
  • technologies used in the development;
  • technical, auditory, graphic, and functional requirements;
  • testing and criteria for the delivery of the project.

Virtual reality for business is:

01 / 06

the likelihood of events happening around;

02 / 06

saving your staff time;

03 / 06

virtual world for clients;

04 / 06

the effect of the real presence in another space;

05 / 06

raising the standards of production, training, and testing of employees.

06 / 06

transfer of testing and training in real-time without losses and damage if mistakes are made;

VR development from Studio Webmaster

  • Reliability - the customer can be calm, entrusting the solution of problems to a responsible team.
  • Individual and comprehensive approach - the development of virtual reality applications for headphones will certainly achieve the client's goals.
  • Any difficulty - an experienced professional team will turn even the most daring ideas into reality.
  • Turnkey virtual and augmented reality - full development from the idea and concept to the delivery of the virtual and augmented reality application.
  • Reasonable price - offers from our company in terms of the "price-quality" makes the world of virtual reality accessible to everyone.

What will the development of VR give your client?

  • The opportunity to arrange for your client a virtual walk around the house, apartment, or cottage (to real estate agencies);

  • Conduct training or retesting for employees in conditions close to real production (manufacturing enterprises);

  • Organize a test drive ( at car centers and salons);

  • Arrange a quest or event in virtual reality for a team (of any company).

  • Creation of a unique video game that will allow you to constantly earn.

Most importantly - you get a unique opportunity to interact with your customers, a creative and interactive tool for promoting your business.

Case: Development of a VR application for the real estate agency

We show apartments in real-time.

  • We offer panoramic tours;
  • We allow users to visually get an answer to the opinion of "small apartment";
  • We demonstrate the layouts of apartments without visiting the objects;
  • We show apartments of a small area with standard furnishings in order to save clients from doubts and fears.



The application includes 3D layouts of apartments and houses, a 360-degree view, and a "top view", virtual tours. The client can feel like the owner of the property, walk through all the rooms, and evaluate the furnishings.

55% of users who want to buy real estate need 3D layouts.
45% want to see panoramic tours.
70% of real estate buyers consider it an advantage to be able to see the property without visiting it.


Bottom line: sales growth by 35%.

Prices from Studio Webmaster

The creation of virtual and augmented reality, games, and VR / AR applications are realized in full accordance with your requirements. Studio Webmaster specialists use modern equipment and innovative technologies in their work, which allows you to program virtual space of absolutely any complexity at affordable prices.