Why is it worth ordering a lending page in our company?

For what do You need to make a landing page?

Landing page is a tool to increase conversion

Landing page is the most appropriate marketing tool that will successfully cope with the task. It is handy if you are intended to sell the final consumer any specific products or services and to inform potential customers about upcoming events or about burning offers. Properly designed landing buttons of "call to action" type can affect the attention of page visitors and buyers. That is why, in comparison with ordinary websites, landing pages lead in sales of many product and services.

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anatomy of the right landing page

Title should attract attention and be interesting

Remember that you have just a few second to attract your potential clients. Therefore, title should have an extraordinary role. It is not a big secret for anybody that today's internet users have become some kind lazy and don't prefer to lose time on reading the giant texts to understand what it is worthy to buy.
Your attractive title
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Impeccable grammar

Pay close attention to the correct writing of text in your landing page. Remember that a landing page needs to convince the potential client about Your professionalism and seriousness. Grammatical errors will create a bad impression about Your product.
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Tell in detail about Your product

Your landing page must have a special unit for detailed infoes to acquaint potential customers with Your product or services, not forgetting to accentuate all the advantages. Remember that very few people will buy a "pig in a poke." In this unit, You shall describe all the information that can induce to make a purchase
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Be careful with links

The other one important rule that must be observed in landing page creation is simplicity. Links to other resources can play a cruel joke, and confuse the potential client. Your visitor can not understand what is Your landing page and will follow any link that is posted on Your website to third part resource.

Usage of video and pictures

In the same way, images and videos, with proper pitch, can be a strong motivational tool to encourage interest in Your product.
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Subheads in addition to main title

Subheads must have an explaining nature and be a special addition to the main title. It should be used to indicate the advantages and for explaining the details.
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Use call to action on the head of the page

Your potential clients that are already intended to make a purchase should have possibility to contact you without the necessity to scroll the page till the very end.

Dublicate CALL TO ACTION buttons harmoniously on the page

Call to action must be rationally allocated on the page, as all the website visitors can convince a completely different blocks of Your landing page. Therefore, in order not to lose any client You should give them the possibility to immediately contact You.
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Use the social proof

You should understand that most of your customers must be convinced of Your honesty. Therefore, positive feedback, mentions in media, warrantiy, as well as certificates and diplomas will increase the level of confidence in Your product.
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Test Your landing page and try new options!

Remember that the main power of landing pages is in strategy but not in volume! Only after careful observation of user’s behavior you may have possibility to identify even the most minor details that may affect conversion. Sometimes even the color of the call to action button can generate a negative perception. As a result users simply will not click on this button. Inevitably test your design, content, headers and etc.

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