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Online store development for Orac Decor

Orac Decor

Terms of Reference

The developers had a clear goal as to how to develop an online store and what the design of the website should be. On the main page, we have developed a slide of high-quality pictures. The logo and drop-down menu, according to the client's idea, should be located in the header of the main page. An interesting wish: at the bottom of the online store, but above the footer there should be photos of employees with links to their personal Instagram accounts. As well, the ability to follow the link to the official Instagram of the company itself.

Results that pleased us

In the end, we created an online store and put in motion a well-developed resource that attracts the attention of customers, thanks to the adaptive design of the website and adaptation for mobile devices. The top menu contains 11 subcategories that are arranged vertically with each other. If you go to the contact page, then a feedback form is available there. As a result, the customer received an easy-to-use website.

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