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Creation of an online store for children and expectant mothers Happy Baby in Moldova

Happy baby

Terms of reference:

  • Add product catalogue with nested levels
  • Sync site with Excel to import products to the site
  • Make advanced product search with auto-fill, filtering and sorting products by characteristics
  • Create a private account that displays your order history
  • Add shopping cart
  • Payment system connection
  • Make automatic function of sending a check letter to the specified email

In addition to the successful implementation of all Terms of Reference, we have implemented:

  • Gift Selection Assistant, with step-by-step data analysis: the user enters the page, fills the data for whom he is looking for a gift, and the buyer displays the goods on request
  • Mailing list subscription feature
  • Block "Site visitors reviews"
  • Phone numbers, as well as the ability to order a return call

For the greater convenience of adding, editing and deleting products, we have developed a site on the Studio Content Management Panel (CMS) site and conducted the basic SEO optimization site for search engines.

Find out how we have developed this portal step by step from our case about creating an online store of children's goods.

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