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Landing page for EcoFarm


Goals and objectives of the project

We have already developed a corporate identity for the company EcoFarm, now our main task was to create a website with an attractive design at the agreed deadline. We have achieved optimal structuring of data on this site so that users can quickly and easily find all the information they need. In the header, there is a logo of the company and a menu of five blocks: “About the Company”, “Services”, “Catalog of goods”, “Certificates”, “Contacts”. In each of the blocks, there is a drop-down menu in which you can see the relevant information presented on the site.

As a Result

The customer received a corporate identity and a website that was created in full accordance with individual requirements and wishes. The catalog of products for sale is represented by different varieties of available fruits. All blocks are working. By clicking on each of the blocks in the header and directories with the name of a particular fruit, web users smoothly go down at the footer of the site, as originally intended. In the footer of the site, there is a special form for subscription, contact details, and banking information necessary for drawing up tax invoices.

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