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Development of the clinic website for Alfamed


Goals and objectives of the project:

Our company had an interesting task to create a website for Alfamed clinic. One of the main tasks was to develop a quick search for the right specialist near the user's place of residence. Also we were able to make an appointment online, in a few clicks. Also the priority was to make a convenient and fast site with an intuitive user-friendly design. We connected the search for information on the website, designed the contact page, as well as displayed information about all branches of the clinic in the city.

We have implemented:

  • Two versions of the site in two languages, Romanian and Russian.
  • The ability to make an appointment with a doctor online, specifying a date and time, and selecting the necessary branch.
  • Clickable phone number and a quick call option.
  • Social media buttons so users can find out more information every day.
  • Directory of doctors by specialty and by branch with filters.
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