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Creation of site for Pavel Zingan #Pavelzingan


#Pavelzingan — personal media resource

Project #Pavelzingan — this is a story not about mass-media, and not about a personal blog. This is a personal media resource of Pavel Zingan. The author has chosen a special genre of storytelling — interview. This is a fairly fresh trend that allows you to deeply reveal the personality of the interviewee. In addition to articles about interesting people in Moldova, Pavel also publishes reviews of new places in the city and writes reviews.

Pavel Zingan

Established tasks

The first task was to create an adaptive modern design for web resource creation, that will be a complete representation of its author. The site needed to be done in bright colors and contain such sections, as: “Mr. One”, “Business” and “Lifestyle”. It was necessary to add the button “Call me” and links on social media.


After doing all the necessary works we have created website that is in accordance with trends of web design. The resource was done in white-orange colors. We have placed qualitative, lively photos. The site was equipped with special informational blocks. There were introduced the buttons “Call me”, and also icons of social media with links in accounts Instagram and Facebook.

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