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Creation of a site of the company Medportal


Medportal is a specialized Internet site about medicine and health

The website contains news, articles and interviews with doctors of medical sciences and other specialists. Useful and interesting information about medicine in Moldova, health, diagnosis of diseases and much more is divided into headings. On medportal.md, the website about medicine, there are also various tests for website visitors that help check the general state of health, the knowledge about certain diseases, etc.



Solutions that made the portal convenient

To make the website attractive, informative and convenient, Studio Webmaster specialists have done a great work in website creation. The registration and login buttons, the internal search line, and sidebar with the headings were added. On the website below there are links to the main and current website pages. Social media buttons were introduced as well so that users could share interesting information. As the result the customer received a convenient site where you can find and study useful information.

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