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The international business center Le Roi


International Business Center in Chisinau

The International Business Center provides maximum comfort for business of companies with a worldwide reputation, various government and international organizations and representatives of homeland business. Le Roi provides a full range of services for renting premises that meet the highest standards of safety and comfort. In addition to traditional services Le Roi offers significant discounts and bonuses from the best hotels, restaurants and clubs in Chisinau for BC customers.


Le Roi

Main tasks from the customer

The company wanted to create web site for informing and communicating with customers. Attractive design and comfortable structure of the website should facilitate the visitor’s fast search. The sections should contain information about the company, its advantages, services and etc. Also the task was to add an application form and make it possible to download a detailed description of the business center in PDF format.

The achieved result

Thanks to an individual and professional work approach, Studio Webmaster specialists have developed a website that meets all the requirements and needs of the customer, and website visitors as well. Structured information about business center services, communication and the registration form of an application for office rent make the site convenient for users. Qualitative photographs and floor plans allow you to visually evaluate the possibilities of Le Roi.

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