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Website development for ICG engineering company


ICG-engeneering – an engineering office and IT laboratory in Stuttgart

ICG-engeneering is an engineering laboratory that develops software, control systems and testing systems for electronic equipment. Applications for PCs and mobile devices, databases, built-in control systems, optical measurements, web programming are the main activities of the German company called ICG-engeneering. The website has an attractive design and a bright logo developed by Studio Webmaster specialists.


ICG engeneering

Set tasks and solutions from specialists

Our specialists developed the website design and logo of company taking the corporate style of the company into account. We introduced the internal search in the website header and the feedback form on the contacts page. The main page is presented in the original format with a slide and images, and an unusual menu with services inscribed in hexagons. When clicking on the hexagon the description of the service falls over the image. At the exit the customer received an attractive website.

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