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Website Habsev Grup developmented by Studio Webmaster

habsev.md - online catalog of goods and services

The Habsev Grup Company specializes in the sale and installation of electrical materials and electrical equipment. The main objective of the company is to provide supplies of electrical materials and electrical equipment for industrial enterprises and construction sites, as well as buildings and structures under construction in any volume required. The development of a quality management system allows the company to comply with the legislation of the Republic of Moldova, and with international standards as well.


Habsev Grup

Tasks and implemented solutions

The task was to develop the design of the website, to make it attractive and user-friendly. Our specialists have done the appropriate amount of work: provided the site with information about the company's services, partners and promotions. In the product catalog we assembled electrical equipment, cable-conductor products, electric lighting devices, sound and lighting equipment. An internal search, a feedback form, a Google map, a subscription form, and social networking buttons were added as well.

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