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Website development for Etalon Imobil company


ETALON IMOBIL real estate Agency in Chisinau

ETALON IMOBIL provides a full range of services in real estate transactions in Chisinau and the suburbs: purchase/sale, real estate valuation, privatization, registration of gift agreements, housing exchange of any complexity, professional assistance in renting commercial and non-commercial objects and expert advice. Professionalism, legal literacy, possession of full information, careful approach to work and responsibility for its results are the criteria on which the activity of the Agency is based.

Etalon Imobil

Main task

When creating a website and designing it was important to take into account the field of activity of the company. On the main page it was necessary to introduce a property search bar, a slide with offers containing photos and prices. In the basement of the site in addition to links to the main pages and contacts, it was necessary to implement the button "add your ad". In each category, there should be three subcategories in which relevant proposals will be presented. 

Effective solution

Specialists have developed a convenient resource according to all the requirements and wishes of the customer. Feedback forms, an internal search bar for real estate options, a slide with current offers and a structured menu were introduced. The site footer contains links to the main pages, contact details and the "add your ad"button. The menu is presented in 5 categories, which includes three subcategories with detailed pages on the available proposals.

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