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Creation of a site of the company Empire Decor


Empire Decor – a moulded décor shop in Chisinau

Empire Decor specializes in retail and wholesale of moulded décor made of polyurethane and polystyrene, beams, laminate and glue, ordinary wallpaper and photo wallpapers. The catalog on the website presents the entire range of the store goods. In each category of products you can find ideas of ready-made solutions for the interior and interesting articles on the subject. Any interested user can learn the news on the website, and get tips from experienced masters.


Empire Decor

Tasks and effective solutions

A team of experts Studio Webmaster has developed a website with an attractive design. In the website header, in addition to the logo, we added contact information and the menu of the website, product images; in the basement of the website there are social networking buttons. The catalog section in the menu is represented by a drop-down list; when visiting the detailed page, the user gets acquainted with the assortment of goods. On each detailed page of the product category there is a side menu with subcategories and brands.

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