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Creation of a site of the company Chemix Grupp

Online catalog of household chemicals

Chemix Grupp SRL is a major manufacturer of disinfectants and detergents. The company’s website contains a huge catalog of household chemicals, detergents and cleaning products manufactured according to international and European standards. The customers of the Chemix Grupp Company are medical and pharmacological institutions, orphanages, rehabilitation centers, manufacturing plants, veterinary and zoo technical institutions.


Chemix Grupp

Effective solutions from specialists when creating a website

Convenience of navigation, internal website search and attractive design make this online catalog comfortable for visitors. The site contains information about the company, the catalog of goods and services. In addition, there are interesting news posted on the resource. The website menu is presented with drop-down lists; when visiting the detailed pages, the user can get acquainted with the particular service or product. In the basement of the website we added social networking buttons, contact details and a Google map.

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