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Creation of a site of the company Cadastru

State Enterprise for Real Estate Accounting

The website of the state enterprise IS Cadastru implements the program for accounting, evaluation and revaluation of all types of real estate for tax purposes. The website contains a list of services, useful information for citizens. It is also possible to get acquainted and study the departmental and governmental regulations. Information related to transparency allows people to learn about public procurement and take part in the survey of the institution.



Solutions from experts

To make the website convenient and informative it was necessary to implement a number of tasks. An internal search and a slide with high-quality images were introduced in the header of the site. The website menu consists of 6 sections. On the main page the side menu “E-service” and blocks for news and polls are added. The basement of the site contains a telephone hotline and links to the main pages of the recourse. At the exit, the custmer received a convenient and informative site.

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