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Mobile application BarBOSS Dashboard from Studio Webmaster


BarBOSS – application for restaurants

The goal of creation of the application BarBOSS – to inform, make publicity and attract clients. The owner or the administrator of a place receives access to the reports according to 5 or more categories and he/she can see it in real time. Also, lists of possible reports are opened that can be filtered by such parameters, as: ,,Time'', ,,Depot''. The rapport of any group can be added to the list of favorites.

Design of the main page of the BarBOSS Dashboard app
List of reports available in the BarBOSS Dashboard mobile app
Data provided by the BarBOSS Dashboard app
The creation of a simple mobile application

Assigned tasks

It was necessary to create an application with a simple, minimalist design, which functions in a stable way on the mobile devices iPhone, iPad and Android. In addition, it was necessary to install a module ,,rotation'': when the mobile device is rotated, the aspect of the application rotates (vertically, horizontally). Languages – Romanian (starting), Russian. On the icons it was necessary the display of graphic elements and their names.

Solutions from the company Studio Webmaster

The specialists of our company have developed a commode application for the users of restaurant segment, that has an appealing design, a comfortable interface. The structure of the application is created in accordance to all the client's requests, and the graphic part – meets all the established technical tasks. The capacity of the application allows its use even by big companies of catering.

Implementation of the BarBOSS Dashboard mobile app for business from Studio webmaster
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