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Creation of a site of the company Aurarie-VS

aurarie.md – a website of jewelry stores network in Chisinau

Aurarie-SRL is a network of jewelry stores, and the official distributor of precious metal accessories from famous Italian brands such as: Marco Giovanni, Ganezzi, ItalGold, ItalSilver, ItalDiamond. On the website you can view the collections, with the list of stores and the latest products novelties made of gold and silver for sale in the company stores. Also on the website there are reviews posted and a video gallery.



Main tasks and solutions

The primary task was to develop a website with an attractive design. On the main page it was necessary to add a slide with high-quality images. The menu had to contain 6 sections: “about us”, “collections”, “our stores”, “reviews”, “video gallery” and contacts. It was necessary to add a feedback form on the contact page as well. Collections had to be presented in such a way that the user can flip through high-quality images.

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