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Creating a website for Alfa City Shopping Mall

Alfa City Shopping Mall

The tasks

The main task was to develop a one-page site with adaptive design. It was necessary to introduce application forms, buttons of social networks. The site header in addition to the logo should contain contact information with a call to action button. At the top of the website we had to add a slide with photos. The information should be divided into blocks like benefits, rental information, video and benefits again. In the basement of the landing page there should be feedback form and a map.

Implemented tasks and solutions

Studio Webmaster Specialists have developed a landing page with adaptive design in accordance with the wishes of the customer. Forms of registration of the application and feedback were introduced. We added a slide with photos as well. The information was divided into blocks. In the basement of the landing page we added a feedback form and a map. Structured content, simple forms of ordering and buttons of social networks (facebook) allow attracting visitors.

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