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The marathon of January celebrations gradually came to an end, then it means, that it is right time to shake oneself and remind customers about yourself with the help of a great email-newsletter!

What can propose February for eventful marketing? Surely, great informational reasons. The month is not only famous thanks to 23 February and Valentine's Day. Scroll our selection — the best reasons for thematic distributions, stocks and special offers are waiting for you!


  • World Hijab Day — Worldwide

  • Dessert Day — International

  • Elevator Worker's Day — Russia

  • Liberty Day — USA

  • Ice Cream for Breakfast Day — USA


  • World Wetlands Day — Worldwide

  • Candles — Estonia

  • Twin Tail Day — Japan

  • Sled Dogs Day — USA

  • Marmot Day — USA

This is interesting:

Marmot Day is traditionally celebrated in the USA and Canada: if the rodent crawls out of its hole on February 2, then winter will end soon. But if it is afraid of its shadow and hides back — do not wait for warming. What is interesting is the fact that in Ancient Rome was a similar celebration — Hedgehog's Day. Right now far beyond USA there are also some “predictors”.

find a reason for your email-distribution. img1

Picture from movie “Groundhog Day”, year 1993


  • Free Love Day — Worldwide

  • Fighting Profanity Day — Worldwide

  • Woman Doctor Day — National, USA

  • Carrot Cake Day — National, USA

On this day their birthdays celebrate famous Russian singer Vera Brejneva and actor Andrei Cernisov.


  • World Cancer Day — Worldwide

  • Free Love Day — Worldwide

  • National Homemade Soup Day — National, USA

  • Birth of rubber galoshes

find a reason for your email-distribution. img2

Publicity banner of galoshes in Soviet Union


  • World Nutella Day — Worldwide

  • Scouts' Day — International

  • National Yorkshire Pudding Day — England

  • Chocolate Fondue Day — National, USA

  • Erudite Day — Unofficial


  • Bartender's Day — International

  • World Day Without Cell Phones — International

  • Sami National Day — Finland

  • National Frozen Yogurt Day — National, USA

  • Stairs Day — Unofficial

This is interesting:

  • In 1886 was discovered the chemical element Germanium. It has the atomic number 32 in periodical system of elements of Mendeleev.

  • In 1643 was discovered archipelago Fiji by Dutch explorer Abel Tasman.


  • Business Education Day — Russia

  • Moon Flights Day (conceivable and inconceivable) — Unofficial

  • The birth of fire extinguisher

In Thailand on February 7 starts the festival of flowers — one of the most amazing, spectacular events in countries of South Asia:

find a reason for your email-distribution. img3

Festival of flowers in Thailand

find a reason for your email-distribution. img4

Festival of flowers in Thailand


  • Russian Science Day — Russia

  • Military Topographer's Day — Russia

  • National Molasses Bar Day — National, USA

  • Flip a coin day — Unofficial

In Venice on February 8 begins the famous costume celebration — Carnival of Venice. In China in this day it is celebrated Lantern Festival of Yuanxiao. And in Russia takes place the biggest ski race— Russia Ski Track.


  • World Marriage Day — Worldwide

  • Pizza Day — International

  • International Day of the Dentist — International

  • Winter Types of Sport Day — Russia

  • Civil Aviation Day — Russia

  • The birth of volleyball

In Hollywood on February 9 will take place the 92-nd “Oscar” award ceremony.

This is interesting:

  • In 1893 in this day was born … striptease in Paris cabaret Moulin Rouge. While dancing the dances took off her clothes, after that she was arrested and fined for obscene behavior.


  • World Legumes Day — Worldwide

  • Diplomatic Worker's Day — Russia

  • In Memory of Puskin Day — Russia

  • Treating Goblin — Slavic Celebration

  • The birth of iron


  • Safer Internet Day — Worldwide

  • World Day of the Sick — Worldwide

  • Women and Girls in Science Day — International

  • Cakes Day — Iceland

  • National Peppermint Patty Day — National, USA

  • Fairy Tales at Night Day — Unofficial

Her birthday celebrates famous American actress Jeniffer Aniston.


  • Darwin Day — International

  • World Day of Marriage Agencies — International

  • National Plum Pudding Day — National, USA

  • Crazy Stomach Day — Unofficial


  • World Radio Day — Worldwide

  • International Condom Day — International

  • The birth of movie camera


  • Valentine's Day — International

  • Giving Books Day — International

  • Heart Disease Awareness Day — International

  • Computer Programmer's Day — Unofficial

  • The birth of video hosting YouTube

find a reason for your email-distribution. img5

Happy birthday YouTube!


  • International Childhood Cancer Day — International

  • The birth of first electronic digital computer (ENIAC)


  • Archive of the Ministry of Energy — Russia

  • National Almond Day — National, USA

  • National Do a Grouch a Favor Day — National, USA

  • Fresh Pineapple's Day — Unofficial

This is interesting:

On February 16 in 1976 the first car under the KAMAZ brand rolled off the assembly line in th URSS.


  • World Spontaneous Kindness Day — International

  • Cat's Day — Poland

  • Student Squads Day — Russia

  • Condom's Day — USA

  • Constructing Castles in the Air — Unofficial


  • Transport Police Day — Russia

  • Food and Clothing Services Day — Russia

  • Diplomatic Workers —Turkmenistan

  • National Drink Wine Day — National, USA

  • Dumpling Day — Unofficial

This is interesting:

  • On February 18, 1930 was discovered the 9-th planet in Solar System — Pluto.

  • In this day in 1979, in the Sahara desert, for the first time in the entire observation period, snow fell.


  • World Marine Mammal Protection Day — Worldwide

  • Ornithologist's Day — Russia

  • Giving Books Day — Armenia

  • National Chocolate Mint Day — National, USA

  • The birth of photo editor — Photoshop


  • World Day of Social Justice — Worldwide

  • Professional Alcoholic Day — Worldwide

  • Lollipop Cockerels Day — Unofficial

  • International Pipe Smoking Day — International

find a reason for your email-distribution. img6

Tv series “Sherlock”, year 2010

Their birthdays celebrate famous artists: Kurt Cobain, Cindy Crawford, singer Rihanna.


  • Tour Guide Day — Worldwide

  • International Mother Language Day — International

  • Paramedic's Day — Russia

In this day in Rio de Janeiro begins the carnival — samba parade, theatrical show and the most loved celebration in Brazil at the same time.


  • World Reflexion Day — Worldwide

  • European Day for Victims of Crime — International

  • Cat's Day — Japan

  • The birth of George Washington

In Cuba on February 22 takes place the festival of Cuban cigars.


  • Hand Written Letter Day — International

  • Defender of the Fatherland's Day — CIS countries

  • National Dog Biscuit Day — National, USA

  • National Banana Bread Day — National, USA

  • Pillow Wars Day — Unofficial

find a reason for your email-distribution. img7

Pillows manufactures, your answer!

In Asian countries it is celebrated Tsagaan Sar — Buddhist New Year, calculated on the lunar-solar calendar. On this day, takes place the farewell of the old year and it is welcomed the onset of spring.


  • The Beginning of Cheese Week Day — International

  • Dragobete (analog of Valentine's Day) — Moldova, Romania


  • Castration of Domestic Animals Day — International

  • Pancake Day — International

  • Opening the Alcohol Day — International

  • Mardi Gras Day — International

  • Tatiana's Day (Student's Day) — CIS countries

  • National Irish Coffee Day — National, Ireland

  • The birth of revolver


  • World Leisure Day — Worldwide

  • International Day of Polar Bear — International

  • International Customs Officer's Day — International

  • National Pistachio Day — National, USA

On February 26, Western Christians begin begin Great Post.


  • World NGO Day — Worldwide

  • Polar Bear Day — International

  • Pokemon Day — International

  • National Strawberry Day — National, USA

  • Optimist's Day — Unofficial

  • Smiles Through Eyes Day — Unofficial


  • National Taylor Day — USA

  • National Chocolate Souffle Day — USA

  • Tooth Fairy Day — Unofficial

  • Winter Leaving — Unofficial

His birthday celebrates Russian actor and comic Garik Harlamov.


  • Rare Disease Day — International

  • National Frog Legs Day — National, USA

On February 29, many people around the world celebrate unofficial Day, walking on its own or 366-th day of year. The first “extra day” appeared in 45 year before our era thanks to Rome Emperor Julius Caesar. When he found out that the solar year has not 365 day, but 365 with a quarter, he proposed to add a day on each forth year.


  • The day of all people who forgot that this year February has 29 days:)

These were the main informational reasons for February — 100+ themes for creating a really cool and effective email-correspondence! You need only to collect thematic products or services, to present them in a beautiful, selling letter, and then to send it before the celebration date to your subscribers. Good luck!

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