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Development of ar applications from the professionals at Studio Webmaster

Augmented reality - is the result of introducing "computerized" elements into perceived reality to supplement and improve it. The professional team of Studio Webmaster provides augmented reality application development service ar. Such applications promote emotional engagement and user interaction with the brand.

The main task - is to transfer the idea and topic imagined by the client to the users' mobile devices. Therefore, at the initial stage of cooperation, we clearly define goals and objectives before starting the ar development process.

Examples of ar use applications of augmented reality use

01 A form of online advertising or to navigate huge stores in retail;
02 Access in real-time to exhibitions, presentations, and events of this kind;
03 In the field of optimizing work, increasing productivity and safety in enterprises;
04 Navigation tools or travel guides;
05 Interactive study of history, physics, astronomy, and other sciences in the field of education.

Why AR apps are the future of your company?

01 / 05

The application allows you to highlight the strengths of a brand/company/product/service.

02 / 05

By developing an AR app, you become the market leader.

03 / 05

Efectul WOW - face brandul dvs. sa iasa in evidenta si evoca emotii pozitive pentru utilizatori.

04 / 05

Increased loyalty - customers see your product in real-time and can try it on.

05 / 05

Sales growth - seeing the product in real-time without leaving home, the user makes more purchases.

How are some companies already using AR and actively increasing their sales?

Youth brand of clothing and accessories.
Youth brand of clothing and accessories.

New collections that are released periodically can be viewed simply by pointing the camera at the magazine. Models of suits, dresses, and accessories can be seen from all sides, reduced or increased in size, and bought in one click. Every model of clothing and accessories was photographed and processed. All photos are converted to 3D format and added to the application.

Sales growth - 38%.

Furniture catalog in augmented reality.
Furniture catalog in augmented reality.

Through a mobile augmented reality application, users can examine a piece of furniture before purchasing, evaluate its appearance and try on the placement in their room / office. Users see 3D images from different viewing angles. Realistic pieces of furniture are shown in the application with 98-99% accuracy, which allows users to make informed choices and save time for company managers. Saving 6-8 hours weekly for your employees.

Sales growth - 55%.

Interactive education in private schools.
Interactive education in private schools.

Augmented reality mobile apps allow you to visually study anatomy, history, geography, and other sciences. After all, studying such subjects from textbooks is boring for many. Seeing the images on the pages of the tutorials, you need to imagine what it looks like in reality. All of this changes when new opportunities arise. Education becomes interesting, its quality improves, and many more children want to study.

The growth in the number of applications for paid anatomical courses - 45%.

How we do that

Among the huge number of possible technological solutions, we will recommend the most optimal and successful option for implementing your idea. At each development stage, we test for product compliance:

description of game mechanics;
the presence of the necessary graphic elements;
functional requirements;
auditory requirements.

Working with the Studio Webmaster team, you get:

01 / 04

a chance to stand out among competitors with interactive advertising;

02 / 04

a unique product on the market;

03 / 04

o oportunitate interesanta de a interactiona cu publicul;

04 / 04

the ability to provide access to information to your audience.

Would you like to demonstrate your originality? Heard about Pokemon Go and want the same app? Don't wait to find yourself behind your competitors. Contact us now and we will find the perfect solution in terms of developing AR virtual augmented reality for your business.