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List of customers of Studio Webmaster

coca colacoca cola
coca cola

«During Christmas Campaign 2013, we had the opportunity to work with the company Webmaster (ISTI Group SRL) for the developing of the advertising web page. We express our gratitude to the company for implementation of the project in accordance with the instructions, in a very short time and in accordance with all requirements of the brand Coca-Cola. We hope for further fruitful cooperation with this company.»

«Coca-Cola Imbuteliere Chisinau» SRL


The website of the Moldovan Bank of European level with high quality of service. Comerţ Bank provides all types of banking and financial services.

Efes MoldovaEfes Moldova
Efes Moldova

The website of Efes Moldova brewing company that is one of the biggest players on the Moldovan market. International company Efes presents not only the major international brands but also local brands – the leaders in the local market.


The company “Webmaster Studio” is very grateful for the collaboration with “Moldova Agroindbank” in order to develop the banner. As the result we have made a qualitative product, which corresponds to all requirements and wishes of the client. We hope that our work was appreciated and we look forward to our future cooperation.


The company “Webmaster Studio” is grateful to collaborate with “JLC Group” in order to create the web site. As the result we have obtained a product, which corresponds to all the requirements of the client. We hope that “JLC Group” is also glad with our collaboration and will want it to continue, for example for the optimization and promotion of the site.


«We want to thank the company "BRV ISTCOM"," Studio Webmaster "for the professionalism shown in creating the website. The company Studio Webmaster has made us a website, which meets all requirements and all the requests, even the small ones were paid with special attention.»

«Carmez» SA


Company that specializes on processing products made of natural stone LUMESCON GMT. Manufacturing of monuments, pieces of interior, indoor and outdoor finishing. 


«The administration IM “Ammo” SRL has appreciated the professional work of the Studio Webmaster's team, who worked on creating the site. Thanks to the professionalism and creative approach of the specialists of BRV ISTCOM” SRL, we got the opportunity to reflect the activities of our company in different domains, to attract new customers, extend the domains of activity, that would be beneficial for further development and prosperity of our business.»

«Ammo» SRL


«We are grateful for the cooperation of our company, OJSC “Central Department Store "UNIC", with the company "Studio Webmaster. We have decided to cooperate with the company "Studio Webmaster" with the aim of creating of our web site, because of the excellent quality of the provided services and efficiency of the implementation of our project. At the same time, "Studio Webmaster", had always supported us in the choosing of the best options and solutions, which are related to the company's site creation. In conclusion, we recommend the company "Studio Webmaster" as the professional and reliable partner for every company, we appreciate its services, quality and flexibility of the given solutions, that distinguish it from its competitors.»


«Casa de Comert VITA" SRL is very grateful to web studio "Studio Webmaster", for the creation of the web application for outdoor payment terminals. Using the program our clients have the possibility to pay off the debt in automatic mode.

The employess of the company "Studio Webmaster” have listened to our requests within the agreed time.»

«Casa de Comert VITA»


Website of the state enterprise "Cadastre" which implements the program of assessment and reassessment of all types of realty for tax purposes, and offers assessment of private property, using a methodology approved by the law.


Webpage of the Institute of geodesy, engineering surveying and cadastral "«Ingeocad» that performs geotechnical operations for construction on the territory of Republic of Moldova.


«Dear Tatiana, as well as employees of the Studio Webmaster, the company Maurt SRL expresses its appreciation for the creation of the company's site.

After a careful selection of the web-studio, we opted for „Studio Webmaster".Special attention was paid to the creative site of the studio and rich portfolio.

The company "Studio Webmaster has provided technical support to website, but individual approach give the allows us to recommend the Studio Webmaster as a reliable partner.»

«Maurt» SRL


«We want to thank the company „BRV ISTCOM” SRL, for the professionalism shown in successful realization of the given project. In the process of cooperation, they have shown high professional qualities and experience as in the elaboration of the web site, as in the using of the most advanced IT-technologies and tools.»

«AutoFrame-FM» SRL


«The company “AUTO FRAME-FM" SRL want to bring sincere thanks for the implementation of the web page In cooperation process the company's team has respond quickly to the appeared questions. The site was made according to our requirements and expectations.

The quality and efficiency of the implementation of the project have proved the professionalism of the company.

Thank you for your efforts and wish you a prosperous future.»



«In the process of the implementation of the project, the company „BRV ISTCOM” SRL, have demonstrated the professional qualities and using of the most advanced technologies and IT-tools, making our web-page. We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your work.»

«AutoFrame-FM» SRL


Page of the Lider group of companies, whose main objective is selling roofing and front materials, construction equipment and fixing materials in Moldova.


«The company "BRV ISTCOM" SRL, has developed an online resource . We are satisfied with the services, the employees "BRV ISTCOM" SRL, clearly, quickly, and very detailed answered to technical questions. We got a modern and easy-to-use online resource. The design of the website and management system were appreciated by the customers.

We wish You success in Your work.»


club royal parkclub royal park
club royal park

Webpage of a 5-stars hotel Club Royal Park, where it is possible to book an elite room and suits of all levels.


«Company "Studio Webmaster has provided us with services for the development of the site at a high professional level. As a result, we received high quality produce and a modern design that fits our theme. The site is conveniently structured, easy to navigate, has good functional qualities, and it is also comfy and easy to use.»

“O Clipa-MS” SRL

centrul de echipament si tehnologiicentrul de echipament si tehnologii
centrul de echipament si tehnologii

During our activity we have worked with different companies. We are proud with our collaboration with „Centru de echipamente și tehnologii”. We have developed a modern and easy-to-use site, which will be useful for the vizitors. We hope that „Centru de echipamente și tehnologii” is glad with our work and will want our collaboration to continue. 

accent groupaccent group
accent group

The company “Webmaster Studio” was glad to participate in developing of the site for Accent Group. As the result we have made a stylish and modern site, which in a easy form provides the information in tree languages. We hope that Accent Group is happy with our collaboration and will continue to use our services. 


Page of The Agricultural Competitiveness and Enterprise Development Project (ACED), which main objective is improvement of Moldovan agricultural sector in the production and marketing of products.


Aurarie-VS company is a jewerly stores chain in Chisinau, a distributor of products of gold and silver, inlaid with semi-precious stones from famous brands.


Thу site of a national chain of pharmacies Elody, where it is possible to make an online order of essential medicaments and get them with free shipping.


The company “Webmaster Studio” was glad to develop the site and the logo for We have tried to take into account all the requirements of the client and as the result we made a qualitative, modern and professional logo, which we hope will attract the new customers. We hope for our further cooperation.

amores paraisoamores paraiso
amores paraiso

European online-acquaintance, friendship and marriage service Amores Paradiso. Special trainings, seminars, that help in building up relations with the opposite sex, and wedding organization services. 


«BRV ISTCOM" SRL — true professionals in their field! Before making the order for the online store, our company "AVS INTER SRL carefully reviewed the portfolio of the „Studio Webmaster”, we were pleasantly surprised by the number of projects.

Our aim was to create a modern, stylish and comfortable online store. The employees of the Studio Webmaster professionally evaluated all our suggestions and proposed solutions for the given task.

An important role plays the attention of the developers on the interface management system of the site, which allows you quickly and effectively to manage information on the website. Easy design, doesn't distract the visitor from the main thing— information.

The work with the company "Studio Webmaster" left us with a good impression and there are no doubt about the professionalism of the developer's team.»



The company “Webmaster Studio” was glad to participate in the project as the development of the site for the company „Starpizza”. Our aim was to create a modern, pretty site, which will attract the new clients. We are glad with our work and hope that „Starpizza” also will want to continue our collaboration.


«We would like to thank You for the creation of the website We got exactly what we wanted: stylish design, intuitive interface, a large amount of business information. We are satisfied with the quality of the provided services and making of necessary changes.

We hope for your further support of our site, and continuation of our mutually beneficial co-operation.»

«Torsionix - Auto» SRL

UNICEF MoldovaUNICEF Moldova
UNICEF Moldova

«The Representation of the United Nations (UNICEF) in the Republic of Moldova confirms collaboration with BRV ISTCOM” SRL in the period 2010-2011 in order to create and maintain web page of UNICEF Moldova The services provided by “BRV ISTCOM” SRL are professional and of a high quality, all actions are performed quickly and efficiently. We also confirm that the partnership UNICEF - BRV ISTCOM SRL will be continued, in order to continuously improve the quality and diversity of the provided services.»

"UNICEF Moldova" SRL


«We would like to thank “BRV ISTCOM” SRL for the qualitative and operational work, aimed to create our site. We liked very much the artistic approach and focus on results. We especially appreciated the work of the staff, the professionalism, which leaves no doubt. Your staff possess excellent presentation skills and is always ready to help the customer.»

“Stati-Market” SRL


«The company “Studium” SRL was pleased to cooperate with the “BRV ISTCOM” SRL, in order to promote our site Since the promotion we have established good results for search queries. Thanks to the promotion, our site became more visited by the users, who have found us using search engine with our keywords. We are very happy with the results of the company.»


«Auto salon "Casa auto" is grateful to the company "Studio Webmaster" for the development of our web-site. We have high appreciated the quality of execution, as also the professionalism of the staff, who was attentive to all our requirements and wishes. As the result, we have obtained a modern, stylish and easy-to-use site. We recommend this company as a reliable partner, who will find the solution for any task. We are happy with our collaboration and we hope that it will continue.»


A great catalogue of household chemicals and professional washing and cleaning detergents, presented by Chemixx Grupp.

Creativ ExpertCreativ Expert
Creativ Expert

«We highly appreciate the professionalism of the company "BRV ISTCOM"OOO trade mark "Studio Webmaster, the quality and efforts, aimed to realize the implementation of the project Lime Studio. The web-site / was created with all the requirements of the company, which were specified in the technical task, regarding design, structure and functional elements of the site.»

Creativ Expert SRL 


«Online-shop is very grateful to the company “Webmaster Studio”, which for a long time is our best friend, who have helped us to develop our site and to promote it. Thank to “Webmaster Studio” we have obtained a great site, which has a pretty design and is easy to use. We are happy with our collaboration and we hope that it will continue.»


Habsev Group Company, providing supply and installation of electric materials and equipment in any volume. 


A catalogue of brand upholstered and cabinet furniture of different styles from moldavian maanufacturer «ICAM».


IMC market- a chain of supermarkets, corresponding ISO standards and representing a great choice of quality products. 

 Avante TV Avante TV
 Avante TV

We express our gratitude for the professionalism you have shown in implementation of our web page

In the project implementation process, the company "BRV ISTCOM" SRL, has demonstrated professional qualities and using of the most advanced technologies and IT tools in the implementation of our web page. At the end of the project we received a site that met all our requirements regarding design and functionality.

As a token of appreciation, please accept our sincere gratitude towards your activity.

BOX ProiectBOX Proiect
BOX Proiect

The company OOO "Interior Design - Box Proiect" expresses gratitude to the company "BRV ISTCOM", for the successful implementation of the database of the products of our company.

In order to simplify our work, we have decided to implement this project. In the search of a firm that will execute the project, we chose this company because we were pleasantly surprised by the portfolio of completed projects and affordable price.

It is worth noting that the company responds quickly to any question.

We wish you continued growth and hope for a further cooperation in the future.

ЗАО "Каменский консервный завод"ЗАО "Каменский консервный завод"
ЗАО "Каменский консервный завод"

CJSC "Каменский консервный завод"

Expresses its gratitude to the general director, of the studio Studio Webmaster, Barkov Vadim for the providing of qualified services and the creation of a unique website.

We strongly recommend the “Studio Webmaster” as a professional in creating the sites. A great respect to the team of professionals for qualitative work in the shortest possible time and qualitative results of cooperative work.

Ecolemn LuxEcolemn Lux
Ecolemn Lux

The company "Studio Webmaster has successfully performed work on creating a logo.

Experts came up with creative logo design and proposed some worthy options. And have responded promptly to our requests.

Cooperation with the company left good impressions. There are no doubts in professionalism of the team.

We hope for further fruitful cooperation.


Our company uses the services of a website promotion The company "Studio Webmaster" showed itself as a reliable, professional team. Before the cooperation with the company" Studio Webmaster” we have used the contextual advertising, as well as the local suppliers, but we didn't obtain the successful results.

The company "Studio Webmaster" has established itself as a reliable partner.

A complex of works on promotion, conducted by the experts "Studio Webmaster", allowed us to get our site to the highest positions, to attract big traffic and to ensure the high effectiveness of search engine promotion.

We are pleased to observe the significant increase of the visits on our site, and the growth of the number of appeals to the company.

The company "Studio Webmaster" has established itself as a reliable partner.

Pantera GRUPPantera GRUP
Pantera GRUP

In one of the most crucial periods of the organization activity, after examination of commercial proposals of a large number of companies on the creation of the official website of SAS PANTERA GRUP, we opted for a design Studio Webmaster. 

During many months of work on the creation of the above site, we noted the working principles of this Studio, which became decisive for our future cooperation. The employees of the Studio not only qualitatively performed in detail all the work specified in the contract , took into account all wishes and requirements to the site, but also were attentive to our requests, on changing some details in the design of the site, appeared while working on its creation. 

As an organization, specializing for more than twenty years in the field of management of business risks, we can say with confidence, that nowadays the design studio Webmaster is one of the most professional companies in the field of IT services in Moldova.

Moreover, the results of the work of the studio on our official site, have become determinative for signing of all further contacts with this company, for execution of all works in the field of the software of our organization. 

Centrul european de businessCentrul european de business
Centrul european de business

'The centre european de business" expresses its gratitude to the company "Studio Webmaster" for their professional activities, in the development and support of the site. We are completely satisfied with the work done and recommend the company "Studio Webmaster" as a professional in the creation of websites, a qualified specialist in the field of IT-technologies, as well as a reliable partner.

Thank you for your cooperation and we wish you continued development.

Prof serviceProf service
Prof service

SRL "Prof-Service" would like to thank for the professionalism in the development of the Internet project

Large experience and professionalism in website development, competence,  quick resolution of questions that arose during the process of work, responsibility and friendliness of the staff have made the cooperation with "BRV ISTCOM" SRL pleasant, fruitful and effective.

We wish the company "BRV ISTCOM" SRL prosperity and further hold leadership positions. 


We express appreciation to the specialists of the company "BRV ISTCOM" SRL, Studio Webmaster for the implementation of our company website.

The tasks were executed qualitatively and on time, in accordance with the technical documentation.

We recommend the company "BRV ISTCOM " SRL, Studio Webmaster, as professionals in the field of IT, which confirms its reputation by word and deed. 

Мастерская декоративного камняМастерская декоративного камня
Мастерская декоративного камня

View of experience of cooperation of our partners with the company "Studio Webmaster", we have decided to trust the team of the company "Мастерская декоративного камня" the development of the site and it was the right decision!

The professionalism of the staff and creative approach allowed the team to make impossible — to create in a short time comfortable, informative site.

As the newly developed product, the site of the company "Мастерская декоративного камня" meets modern navigation requirements and performs its main functions: to inform, to serve as a sell tool.

Now the company "Studio Webmaster" promote our site "Мастерская декоративного камня" in the search engines, and in a very short time we saw our site the absolute leader in the search engines. We did not expect that in three weeks it is possible to achieve this.

In the Studio Webmaster know their job

Globus TurGlobus Tur
Globus Tur

LLC "Globus Service NV" would like to thank the team of developers of LLC "BRV ISTCOM", Studio Webmaster, for the high quality and professionalism of works on creation of the website. The work is performed at a high professional level and have positive responses, both among professionals and among ordinary users. The site is conveniently structured, has intuitive navigation and significant functional capabilities.

The website has a convenient and easy to use administrative interface that allows to the employees of our company independently modify the information structure of the website and to post any necessary informational materials from any computer with access to the Internet.

We would like also to mention the high professionalism of the staff of the company LLC "BRV ISTCOM", Studio Webmaster quality and short turnaround time, responsibility and reliability in partnership, we hope that our furher coopertation will remain the same successful and fruitful. 

Palex ServicePalex Service
Palex Service

The company "Studio Webmaster” coped brilliantly with the development of our online resource. The site looks modern and relevant, and matches the professional activity of our company.

First was created a stylish, eye-catching design, elaborate structure, easy site management system, which allows us independently and quickly to update the information.

Especially we'd like to mention the operativeness of execution of the tasks, which were sfecified in the process of collaboration and individual approach.

It is always a pleasure to work with the professionals, who love their work and care about their reputation. 


We would like to express our gratitude to the company „BRV ISTCOM”, “Studio Webmaster” for the successful implementation of the given project, the creation of the site SunMaxx.

We would like to mention the professional job execution on the project, responsiveness of the persons involved in the project and the friendly staff of the company.

We recommend the company "BRV ISTCOM", Studio "Webmaster" as a responsible contractor in the field of development of integrated information systems. 

Nail Studio «L’atriste»Nail Studio «L’atriste»
Nail Studio «L’atriste»

The company SRL "La artiste" expresses gratitude to SRL "BRV ISTCOM", for the providing of the services in the field of website promotion. All the tasks were achieved in the shortest possible time, but the results exceeded our expectations, the site appeared on the first page in a very short time after the signing of the contract.

The good impression was left especially by the work of the staff, high professionalism of those, leaves no doubt.

We are satisfied with the quality of the work of this company and we recommend it for cooperation.

Good luck to you and to your highly qualified team! 


The website of the RHYTHM WATCH CO company - one of the world leaders in watchmaking, thanks to its unique and high quality products.


The website of the VANILLIA company providing a big range of services for the food production, delivery and customers catering services.

Filiera VinuluiFiliera Vinului
Filiera Vinului

A website dedicated to the restructuring of the wine industry in Moldova (improvement of the wine quality , labels, caps and packaging).


«"Pacific Motors Moldova" S.R.L. expresses thanks and gratitude to "Studio Webmaster" for professional web development and support of our website. They are really a team of professionals in the field of website development and promotion. The website they delivered to us is even better than we have expected, combining the professional look and elegance we needed. We recommend this company services to you, for sure "Studio Webmaster" will find the solution that is needed specifically for you.»

«Pacific Motors Moldova» SRL

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