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Creation of the site of the company Italprod


S.R.L Italprod is a company specializing in manufacturing equipment

Italprod S.R.L started back in 2005. It is a partner of more than 20 large Moldovan and foreign companies with foreign investments. The main activity of Italprod is related to the winemaking equipment sale, beer and dairy products production, and soft drinks production. The company has a team of specialists studying abroad, which allows it to provide quality services.



Main tasks in website development

The main tasks were related to the creation of a convenient and informative web site with an attractive design. The website header should contain links to useful pages with up-to-date information on prices and company activities, the “contact us” button and an internal search. The website menu should contain a portfolio, sections with products and services. In the bottom of the website, we had to introduce a subscription form and social networking buttons.

Effective solutions

The website menu contains 6 sections: “about us”, “products”, “portfolio”, “services”, news and contacts. In the header of the site in addition to the logo and contact information, we added links to useful pages and an internal search. The main page contains a slide with high-quality images and a horizontally posted list with products. On the contact page we introduced a feedback form and a Google map, in the basement – social networking buttons and a subscription form. At the exit, the customer received a quality web site.

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