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Website development for IPRE organization


Project Task

We were entrusted with the task of creating a website for a non-governmental organization. The header of the site should include the logo of the organization and a menu consisting of 7 clusters: “About us”, “Announcements”, “Activities”, “Publications”, “Projects”, “Contacts”, “Internal search bar”. In blocks, we have developed a drop-down menu with different levels of nesting.

All the necessary information was sorted by clusters, that were specified by our customer.


The development of the website is completed within the deadlines set by the client. We have fulfilled all the conditions and tasks that were agreed in advance with the customer. Thanks to the structured content, visitors of the online portal can get comprehensively in detail with the activities of this organization. On the website, the visitor can read news, analytical notes, and reports, as well as get close in detail to all IPRE projects. Thus, it is safe to say that the planned goals were fully implemented.

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