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Creation of landing page for biobank Reprobank


Reprobank — cryopreservation and storage of reproductive cells

Company offers to representatives of strong gender the possibility to preserve the chance to conceive a child anytime, regardless of life situation, using the method of cryopreservation of sperm. The clients receive the whole specter of services: preparation, freezing and storage of biomaterial in a specialized biobank on unlimited term.


Established tasks

We had the task to create a landing page with adaptable design, available in two languages: Russian and Romanian in order to advertise a concrete company service. For that it was necessary to think about landing's structure, develop the design in accordance with logo, add the button of instant scroll, do animated informational blocks. Site needs to answer the main questions of users and delete objections.

Solution of specialists

The landing's design is created in accordance with logo's colors and structured according to technical task. For first screen, it was chosen a qualitative photo, showing the key message of the service, as well as text with a tenacious title. Informational blocks are placed in such a way that in result to bring online users to conversion action. In bottom part of page we have included the call to action button and contact details for communication. All client's requests were taken into account, the project was done on time.

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