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Creation of landing for company Dezvolt Activ in Moldova

Dezvolt Activ SRL

Main tasks

The specialists from Studio Webmaster had the task to develop site, available in two languages (Romanian, Russian). In was necessary to introduce the button “Order a call” and a form for calculating the price. The information on landing it was necessary to distribute into blocks in such a way, that the user to be able to find all main information regarding services, advantages and catalog. In total, it was necessary to introduce three forms of feedback on the landing page.

Received results

It was created an informative, convenient and selling landing page. All information was ditributed to blocks: “about us”, “services”, “advantages”, “catalog of materials”, “our clients”, Google Map and form of feedback. In footer were added contact data and buttons of social media. For convenient usage was introduced Scroll up. In result, the client received a product that corresponds to his requests and desires.

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