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Creation of online projects is an interesting creative process which implementation requires a group of specialists from lots of spheres. Our team, formed in 2008, during the years of experience in every IT field can be proud of a great portfolio for the development of Internet projects of different complexity and for the solution of completely different tasks and goals.

We implement creation of internet projects

of following types:

Business solutions
Every business has a number of distinctive features that any entrepreneur would like to take into account. Development of Internet projects for business represents a spectrum of works. It begins with the establishment of effective corporate websites and ends with development of internal information systems which are able to be integrated in companys business processes.
Solutions for electronic commerce
This type of development is pretty good for online stores with huge warehouses and retail parks. Solutions like this provide a great ability to track the movement of goods from the warehouse to the end customer. The whole internal system of logistics, management, marketing and sales would remain completely under Your control. We can integrate in Your project any accounting system (1C for example), as well as to develop and implement the various partner systems.
Services and portals
This direction represents the development of such Internet projects as dating sites, social networks, custom online services, information and news portals. These projects involve the flow of a large number of visitors to the site and can indicate at the same time the meaning of the project. Development of services and portals should be done in strict compliance with the rules of the creation of such projects.
We have an extensive experience in the creation and promotion of websites related on various startups. Good startup should have an effective and unique idea. It should be some kind

Development of Internet projects includes next steps:

All types of work should begin with the stage of technical task elaboration. It is the most effective to obtain any desired result and to not lose any important detail. Therefore, the stage of planning is very important and provides you great abilities to create a web project that will solve the problem of your customer.
Design is the other one important part of website development. The process includes drawing of main page and inner pages, with a detailed testing of usability and user perception.
Programming stage takes the biggest part of time. These processes represent implementation of every issue that was specified in technical task. There is no more time for dreaming and planning. The time for hard work has come and programming is quite that solution that will help you to create something really new.
Working with content
When the development of Internet project is almost coming to an end it is the best time for filling the site with the content (texts, graphics, videos, text materials, received from the client).
Of course, before delivery of the project in operation a team of QA testers works with the completed project and correct every identified error. In the end You get the perfect web project.
The final stage is to launch a production version of the Internet project. Now Your site is available to any interested user.
Creation of Internet projects requires pre-project studies of subject area, as well as, analysis of market and competitors, studies of cost-effectiveness and marketing ideas and evaluation of the success of the project as a whole.
Head of web development Department

Development of internet projects is our specialty!

Creation of internet projects requires the best team of specialists who knows best their job and perform it at the highest level! Choose our team and You will always be confident in achieving the success!


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