Social media optimization (SMO)

SMO (eng - Social media optimization) is a set of stages produced inside the web resource for better synchronization with social networks. Of course, the main purpose of the produced measures is the promotion of social networks like your site and the company communities. It gives you the opportunity to provide the most efficient interaction of company groups and commercial websites.


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It is clear that this image contains worldwide statistics. However, regardless of the geographical position of Your potential customers and relying on the above figures You can confidently assert that the promotion in social networks is one of the most powerful marketing tools.


«Share» Buttons
Due to the presence of these buttons on pages of Your web resource, users can save any article in the feed of its social network. Mandatory requirement: in order to let people to share information from the website, it should be really interesting.
«Subscribe» Buttons
Using these buttons, user has the option to subscribe to Your communities and groups in social networks. This increases as the number of subscribers in Your social media pages and increase attendance of Your web resource.
Comments from social networks
This module is usually placed at the bottom of the page for users to read information that can be commented on it. In doing so, each review is assigned to the avatar and nickname of the user from the social network.
Widgets of group
These forms are able to show the website users the latest publications from communities of Your company. If You look in the right corner of this page, you will see 2 widgets from Facebook and Twitter of Studio Webmaster company.
SMO promotion does not consist only of adding several items to structure of the websites pages. Also it is the whole complex of works within the website and company pages in social networks. For maximum results, we recommend you to order a SMO in combination with SMM (promotion of groups in social networks) . You should notice that SMO is one-time service. But community support should be performed constantly. Of course, each of these units must be performed by real professionals with extensive experience.
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