Corporate email in Moldova

Corporate e-mail from Webmaster Studio is a reliable and modern postal service for correspondence with clients, partners and within the organization.
By choosing this option, You acquire internationally accepted e-mail addresses for Your company, Your employees and departments.
Corporate e-mail.
Your company name in the address.
We offer e-mail boxes such as:
of corporate mail with us:
Adaptive website development 10Adaptive website development 11
Applications for
mobile devices
Reliable protection
from spam
and viruses
Unlimited size of mailbox
On-line view and edit of documents
Other benefits
of working with us:
Corporation Mail 3Corporation Mail 4
Convenient structure
that stores messages from the e-mail is also possible to form the structure
for processing.
Corporation Mail 5Corporation Mail 6
Easy managing
of e-mail address.
Corporation Mail 7Corporation Mail 8
Corporation Mail 9Corporation Mail 10
The mail server
guarantees safety
of Your
Corporation Mail 11Corporation Mail 12
Email forwarding.
Corporation Mail 13Corporation Mail 19
Auto - responders.
Corporation Mail 14Corporation Mail 15
SPF - filter
Corporation Mail 16Corporation Mail 17
Support service for twenty four hour
Cleaning of corporate mail:
Corporation Mail 18
Sender Policy Framework(SPF)
Antispam filter SpamAssain
Spam, viruses and others
Clear mail
The anti-spam technology
filters out 98-99%
of the spam messages. .
Message encryption eliminates
possibility of e-mail
interception and alteration
Antivirus checking
on incoming
messages and attachments.
Our mail is used by:
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Allows you not only to communicate using domain name of the organization, but also to provide mobile access to company resources, work with documents, planning and performing tasks.
expert opinion

Corporate e-mail address plays an important role in business ethics. It is the confidence of the client and attracts users. Also, it is a extra advertising, because Your domain address and therefore Your brand name is remembered by all who have a correspondence with you .

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