How many mailboxes will be done for you?

Pretty often we are asked about the number of mailing boxes that we register to our clients. The answer is very simple - as much as you may need. However it will be better to remember about the «golden middle» and to define in time about the better system for making the mailing boxes.



This free e-mail service appeared not so long time ago but it already has huge trust and love from users. It has amazing features, handy interface and all time provides lots of new functions. Also, it has high security level, 15 gb and excellent connection with mobile phone.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail
Mail providing 1 tb, connection through HTTPS, however security level is not so high. It has nice interface but has no filters and other cool stuff.

MAIL.RU is one of the oldest mailing systems and now, being passed through many upgrades it can win competition over lots of new mailing websites. It has clear and understandable interface and the work with correspondence may be realized in the shortest time. Not bad security level and 25 gb of free space.


Yandex mail has appeared after and has become pretty popular by huge amount of users. It has clear and handy interface that works fast. The box has built in translator, handy filters and good security system. This mailing box has the best anti-spam filters.


One of the main IT services of former soviet area. It was for lots of times upgraded but still did not achieve the results of other system - Here is the lower level of security, especially security against the spam. The size of the box is pretty small - 2 Gb.
We tried to describe main features of standard mailing systems and offer you to participate in voting, showing the modern services that can correspond any conditions. Depending on Your preferences, You may choose two or more options.
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